A word from the Head Curator

Mastermind hypothesis, believe in pipe dreams, build sand-castles in Spain, project oneself into the future, think about tomorrow, hope … That is the inevitable nature and fate of Man. Live for the moment, sometimes settling yet hoping for something better.

The works shown for the fifth display in the departmental collection focuses precisely on these better days to come … works thematically organized to better echo the present.

So today we are already living tomorrow, this power to anticipate so typical of human beings. But isn’t it also this visionary power that is so-often attributed to artists? Do they belong to this separate race of mystics, fortune-tellers and other prophesiers? By interpreting or deciphering the world in poetic, personal and metaphoric fashions, are they able to perceive future happenings? Does their clairvoyancy make them the Messiah of our societies?

Without being able or wanting to have answers, we ask ourselves the question which only the future can answer. Throughout these displays and works, unfolds a range of hopes and possibilities, tools we possess to create, recreate or change the world.

Alexia Fabre, Head Curator of the MAC/VAL