MAC/VAL is opened every day of the week, except on mondays:
tuesday to friday, 10 h to 18 h
week-ends and holidays, 12 h to 19 h.

Closed on january 1st, may 1st and december 25th.

phone: 01 43 91 64 20
fax: 01 79 86 16 57

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Place de la Libération
94400 Vitry-sur-Seine

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Residence Archives

Since its opening, the MAC/VAL chose to propose a varied and interesting residence program to participate in museum projects – establishing relations between diverse art-scenes and a public curious to unearth contemporary creation, accompanying production of the works associated with the region. The Val-de-Marne department (one of two departments with the Seine-Saint-Denis) has developed a contemporary art collection and regularly benefits from new works produced in their community by artists from around the world. Some residences are purposely organized to coincide with cultural events discerned by the Ministry of Culture, like for example 100% Finland in 2008.

Being in residence implies both settling down in one place and simultaneously changing and enriching ones opinions. In continuous contact with the teams, works and visitors, the artists-in-residence live within the museum to undertake a specific work resonating with the region. Their stays can vary from several weeks to several months, with often-times return trips in between…

In reality, any residence program implies time spent and shared with this region, regardless of whether the artist chooses to extend their work perimeter outside the museum, creating inside or out, or taking time to meet local inhabitants.

The MAC/VAL, is a beacon of contemporary creation, offering both visitors and artists a unique opportunity. The program started in 2007 with the Indian artist Shilpa Gupta and has continued ever since with 10 international artists which we invite you to discover on our Internet site.

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