From September 20th, 2014 to January 25th, 2015


To start the fall season, MAC/VAL is presenting “AD NAUSEAM”, a solo exhibition of Tania Mouraud, a major figure in French contemporary art whose art poses questions about the human condition. This exhibition will include work co-produced with Ircam-Centre Pompidou, monumental hangings on the exterior of the museum as well as throughout the city of Vitry-sur-Seine.

A monumental audiovisual installation will occupy the entire area reserved for temporary exhibitions, confronting the visitor with one of the artist’s main themes, Man’s destruction of his own history, evoked here by images of the mass liquidation of books in a recycling plant. The treatment of books as a testimony of history can also be understood as a metaphor for the destruction of thought. Like a paintbrush on canvas, Tania Mouraud uses the camera to capture reality and make a statement.

The bulldozers grinding through books at a frantic pace cannot help but call up other images of History in the collective memory. Emptied of all human presence, these multi-layered images are projected on three screens that seem to overflow with unending disaster. This video,
exhibited here for the first time, is accompanied by a sound installation realized by Tania Mouraud during her residence at Ircam from 2013 to 2014.

This project emphasizes the aggressive nature of machines and reinforces the power and the tragic and destructive nature of Mankind’s irreversible actions, actions condemned by everything that
might be learned from past errors.

This assembly of 1500 samples of mechanical, industrial sounds reinforces the violence of the machine, creating the sonorous equivalent of its visual dynamic. Sound, used as a weapon, draws us into the image, just as the image draws us into the sound. With this video triptych nearly 35 meters long and 7 meters high and a sound installation spatialized on thirty speakers, the exhibition hall becomes a space in which the visitor lives, reflects upon, and has a sensory experience of a mechanized, industrial universe.

Tania Mouraud has also created work for the exterior of the museum, extending her writing process in a public space. For over twenty years, she has created abstract paintings in which she inscribes phrases that are more graphic than they are legible in a typographic style that has since become very recognizable. Although she began by using iconic and political phrases that could be understood as slogans, they have become increasingly intimate, sensitive, emotional, poetic, universal, akin to phrases of resistance. They are often reused in her performances.

Mouraud will take over the lateral facade of the museum, some forty meters long, with the phrase
(THOSEWHOCANNOT REMEMBERTHEPASTARECONDEMNEDTOREPEAT IT.) This sentence reminds Mankind of its lack of self-reflection in the face of History. It echoes the installation AD NAUSEUM shown inside the museum and provides an object for reflection upon our engagement as citizens faced with the state of our world. Another work, posted on the on the front of the museum takes up the expression


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