Collective Exhibition
From October 5th 2007 to January 13th 2008

A word from the Exhibition Curator

Heavens, planets, stars, the milk way, constellations, comets, satellites, supernovae, the Big Bang, black holes, space-time, rockets, astronauts … are the landscape components where a single figure emerges.

Ziggy Stardust, the incommodious heteronym of David Bowie Glam Rock is a fascinating pop culture figure. This extraterrestrial is a total invention, a masked man appearing from the stars, a copy of the alter ego, condensing the essential schizophrenia upon which the Singer’s person is founded. Who’s talking when Ziggy sings? Who is the subject? David Robert Jones, David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust? In an attempt to describe the Beyond, this collective exhibition invites us to consider the place of Man in the universe and the Human Condition.

It’s about fiction, tricks, image maker. But also of power, conquest, colonization, identity …

Of fascination, meditation. 
Of mystery. 
Of the unimaginable, transient. 
Of the unknown and the immeasurable.

Frank Lamy
Exhibition Curator


Petit Journal

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