Fom October 26th 2013 to Januay 19th 2014


The MAC/VAL will be presenting Renaud Auguste-
Dormeuil’s first solo exhibition in a French
In parallel, the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard will
also be presenting an exhibition of Auguste-
Dormeuil’s work, in December.
The MAC/VAL exhibition “INCLUDE ME OUT” is
constructed around a simple, yet essential
question: is it Time going through us, or are we
going through Time? Although Time is calculable, it
is, by essence, ineffable. How can we translate the
experience of the elasticity of Time?
The exhibition unfolds like a initiatory trip, taking
the visitor through the artist’s recent creations and
key works. Upon entry, one is invited to abandon
their certitudes and dwell in a zone of doubt, the
territory of art. From darkness to the light and back
again, the question of blindness is broached. What
do we see? How do we see? How can we represent
the unshowable?
Auguste-Dormeuil’s works mark steps in a circuit
through territories of suspense, like so many
tools for analysis. They are the plastic
representations for reflection and the questioning
of our relationship with reality. Paradoxically,
Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil creates images of an
absence of images, stills. Rooted in historical facts
and urban legends, his works are so many
indicators of and springboards for histories.
When asked about the title “INCLUDE ME OUT”,
Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil explained, “In Jean-Luc
Godard’s Mépris, when the the producer invites
Fritz Lang to have a drink, Lang laconically replies,
Include me out. With a sort of insolent elegance,
Godard establishes all of the pardoxical complexity
of Lang’s gesture. Beyond this, to me, “Include me
out” is a powerful way of expressing a simple idea,
something we have all experienced. It is not just
because I live in a society that I must adhere to it;
it is not because I watch television that I have to
adhere to it... and so on and so one for so many
other things...”

Exhibition organized in cooperation with the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard pour l’art contemporain.


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