Collective Exhibition
From October 22nd 2010 to January 16th 2011

A word from the Exhibition Curator

Complementing the fourth hanging
of the MAC/VAL collection, and exploring
recollection, memory and the traces left by time,
the exhibition ‘Let’s Dance’ brings together
an international selection of some forty artists
to propose an itinerary through the territories
of celebration.
What is a birthday or anniversary? A party?
A commemoration? What is hidden behind
all the fireworks, flags and glitter? Behind
those moments of collective togetherness,
those moments when the social body
is simultaneously affirmed and constructed?

The title refers both to the similarly named
David Bowie album released in 1983
and to the medieval danse macabre.
‘Let’s Dance’ composes a kind of Vanitas,
making passing Time its main character.
There will be fireworks, candles and gifts,
meal scenes, anniversaries and birthdays
of all kinds, music, a solitary dodgem car, stars,
a skull, black holes, a mirror ball, celebrations,
commemorations, memories, a one-person
discothèque, a street fair, a historical
re-enactment, a bunch of flowers, a Christmas
tree, wild crowds, a ghostly float, the vestiges
of a fair, clocks, newspapers, black flags,
a young man looking for lost time.
And much more besides.
There won’t be any miracles.
Let’s dance?

Frank Lamy,
Exhibition Curator


Petit Journal

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