Détour Episode 1
From November 18th 2005 to March 26th 2006

A word from the Exhibition Curator

For the opening of this two-part exhibit, carte blanche is given to two major artists of the French and international art scene. These two artists with decidedly unique backgrounds will take over, in their own manner, the area assigned to temporary exhibits.

Beyond the strict and chromatic links, the work of both artists is bridged and structured by a similar poetic energy. Their works, sensitive experiments regarding the world, are anchored in very autobiographical queries and take form in radically different ways.

The painting of Jacques Monory is deployed over time according to a non-linear serial principle, with permanent repeats and revisitations, new interjections.

The design of the picture (from the painting to the mental landscape) of one of their main concerns, following distinct and unusual logic of fragmentation and freedom as opposed to the dominant codes. The time which passes, death, deleting, memory, but also the human being in the world … these are all recurrent themes of these worlds which are simultaneously serious and light. The subjective exploration of reality is a major resilience in their works.

Jacques Monory implements narrative climates and bits of history, leaving a very large part to visitors’ interpretations and assumptions.

For this exhibit called Détour, Jacques Monory imagined a display in his pictural universe using about fifty painting from 1965 – 2002. They are not hung in any chronological order, luring the visitor into an embracing, colourful and spiralled universe. The second step to this exhibition is Claude Lévêque who will propose a new and original in situ installation.