The whole FRAC collection in and around Paris (or nearly).
From July 4th to August 31st 2008


The whole FRAC collection in and around Paris (or nearly)

The Mac/Val and the FRAC Ile-de-France share quite a few similar views such as both backing and promoting, on a national level, contemporary artistic creation to the general public and also how for the past twenty-five years, they have respectively acquired their own collection.
Both institutions boast a strong commitment to promoting artists by choosing the most contemporary works so as to participate in tomorrow’s heritage.

So it seemed only natural for the Mac/Val to spontaneously invite the FRAC Ile-de-France to show, for the first time, its entire collection to be exhibited in a museum.

By programming "Toute la collection du FRAC Ile-de-France (ou presque)" during the two summer months, the museum offers the public a rare occasion to embark on a legacy tour in its entirety, to understand the diversity, to share the pleasure of discovering art works of all sorts and to genuinely savour contemporary creation from this past quarter of a century.

Under the guidance of both curators, Xavier Franceschi and Frank Lamy, it was decided for the exhibit layout to reflect reality, by transposing the FRAC Ile-de-France works within the museum’s temporary exhibit area, in the same configuration as in the Frac’s storeroom, and presenting the works little by little from the complete collection.

During the summer, there will be four “parts” to this hide and seek of artwork. Visitors can witness different works exhibited while others are removed back to the “storeroom”, and then again new ones which appear … witnessing the choices made by the curators to re-interpret this ensemble.

The public therefore discovers the collection’s soul and life, and will be invited to become an active part in these choices, uniqueness and its abounding and multi-faceted identity.

Mac/Val’s welcomes this present friend-and-partner structure – the FRAC Ile-de-France - with open arms, thus reasserting its commitment to French Culture, to encourage and advocate its importance, emphasizing the distinction between art and all-too-often confusion with a consumer good.

By deciding to present this entire collection, the Mac/Val is fighting for the intrinsic rights of public collections and increased backing for artistic creation in general. A heartfelt committal to its job of defending and protecting a common heritage and access to art for everyone.