From 15 Februar y to 13 July 2014

Short biography

Born in 1937 in San Sebastián, Spain, Ferrer has lived and worked in Paris since the 1970s. In 1999, she represented France at the Venice Biennale.
In 1967, Ferrer joined ZAJ, a group founded in 1964 by Raymond Barcé, Walter Marchetti, and Juan Hidalgo. She remained a faithful member until the group’s dissolution in 1997. ZAJ came into existence
under the Franco dictatorship and was influenced by the work of John Cage, Marcel Duchamps, and the Fluxus movement (although it was not truly affiliated with the latter). Its members favored radical and experimental performances in which music played an important role.
Whether in collaboration with ZAJ or in her more personal activities, Esther Ferrer created a broad range of plastic work, which was nevertheless linked to ephemeral events. An emblematic figure of performance art, the medium upon which most of her work is based, she also creates reworked photographs, videos, installations, models, and objects. These works are always marked with a minimalist spirit and extreme rigor.