From March 5th to June 5th 2011

A word from the Exhibition Curator

The first time we worked with Éric Duyckaerts was in 2006, when he gave one of his unique, memorable lectures at the MAC/VAL’s first symposium (“Art. No Comment Needed?”).
We met up again at the 2009 Nuit Blanche, when he put on a marathon video-talk at the École Normale Supérieure.
What an experience that was, hearing all those intellectual disciplines
and puns weaving and moving together in the middle of the night!
But we couldn’t leave things there: we wanted to go and mount a solo
show by this most idiosyncratic of artists.

Some forty new videos organised in eight thematic sections (Parade,
Détachement, Straubisme, Mémoire, Euristique, Cartographie, Épigone, Piano) plus an opening sequence, two monumental wall paintings, and an ensemble of silkscreens on glass, are organised in a distinctive exhibition design with deliberately subdued colours. These new pieces are accompanied by two older works from the “Analogies” series (1998 and 2007).

At the heart, Introspection (1999), which is part of a set of radiographs,
inscribes the exhibition “’idéo” within a vast enterprise dedicated
to uncovering the real. It is a resonant call to hone our gaze, to go
and look behind the surface of things.

It is a safe bet that these efforts by Duyckaerts and his partners to break down and recompose the narratives of knowledge will pull us into a wacky maelstrom, a choppy semantic sea that will shake all our certainties.

Frank Lamy,
Exhibition Curator


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