Collective Exhibition
From May 7th to September 19th 2010

A word from the Exhibition Curator

The exhibition ‘Emporte-moi/Sweep me off
my feet’ brings together some two-score artists
whose works give metaphorical expression to
the movements and turbulence of being in love.
Romantic and sentimental, it offers a meditation
and map of the geography of the passions
in some eighty works covering half a century
of art-making.

Deliberately turning its back on the irony
pervading so much current art, this exhibition
focuses on the value of emotion in pieces that,
through the play of harmonised gazes
and movements, by the whiff of a perfume,
the gentleness of a caress or the passion
of a declaration, evoke love’s power to bewitch
or destroy, to sweep us off our feet in ways
both delicious and painful, always at the risk
of losing ourselves.

Perhaps the true subject here is not so much love
as that fundamental, deeply human appetite
for the Other, for encounter: that need, search
or quest for desire, ravishment, transport. Here,
the Other represents a force that can throw us
off balance and into the white waters of emotion.
As mediums for thoughts, impulses, illusions
and abandonments, the works assembled here
express sorrow and solitude as much as they do
hope and the overflowing feelings released
by the encounter with a significant Other.

Thus, not only do the works in this exhibition
bear witness to a deep emotion linked with love,
but they also tend to stir emotions in the viewer.
‘Emporte-moi/Sweep me off my feet’ evokes
the question of amorous passion as event
and medium for the vertiginous sensation
of possibility.

Nathalie de Blois and Frank Lamy,
curators of the exhibition