Le grand sommeil Episode 1/The big sleep Episode 1
From May 19th to September 10th 2006

A word from the Exhibition Curator

For this two-fold inaugural exhibition, two major
figures on the French and international art scene were
given carte blanche. For an encounter in two stages:
two exhibitions, two publications. Two part of a single
project. Each artist, with his own remarkable career, occupied
the temporary exhibition space in his own particular way.
After ‘Détour’ by Jacques Monory, it’s Claude Lévêque’s turn
to lead us into ‘Le Grand Sommeil’.

Beyond formal and chromatic links, their work, romantic
and dandy, is filled with, and structured by similar poetic
energy. Their œuvres, imbued with a sensitive appreciation
of the world, are rooted in autobiographical questions and
take radically different forms. In spite of their differences,
both these projects draw us in: the visitor is totally immersed
in an all-encompassing environment conceived specifically
for the space. . Both artists are firmly rooted in the world.
They do not try to escape it, but ‘work with it’.

For ‘Détour’, Jacques Monory devised an installation,
conceived like a film, an intricate exhibition of
fifty or so paintings hung within a coloured spiral.
Claude Lévêque, for each of his exhibitions, invents fresh
scénarios for exploring space. Here, he proposes a new in situ
installation that appeals to our gut emotions through a
mise en scène where the atmosphere is intense,
pregnant, weighty one might say, although ethereal.

Frank Lamy,
Exhibition Curator


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