New Exhibition of the MAC VAL collection « À mains nues »

From January 2022, to September 2023

Following the previous exhibition of the collection "Le vent se lève", embodying the relations that humanity has with the Earth, the MAC VAL continues this exploration of the human by refocusing on the body, its language, its power. And its power of reinvention, with this new exhibition "À mains nues".
Unpublished or older, the works evoke the reinvention of oneself, the future that it is up to us to create, with our bare hands.
In this shared experience of the pandemic, of the prevention of the other, of their contact, of the violent observation of our body fragility and of our status as a living body, project ourselves into the future and envision it with desire, enthusiasm and hope imposes itself in a new way.
The body and its language, the vital fluids, the limbs, including the hands, here embody the question of the reinvention of oneself against reality, fate or social determinism.
Just like fiction, storytelling, staging, or cross-dressing are all strategies implemented by artists to initiate this reinvention, gentle, determined or more warlike. Address to the other, to his gaze as well as to his body, is at the heart of the works, through the making of his own image, portraits or self-portraits which thus resonate with the historical and contemporary phenomena of the invention of the self.

—  Discover the new exhibition of the collection currently hanging from December 21, 2021.
Invitation into the exhibition space Gaëlle Choisne, guest artist of the collection "Temple of Love - Atopos"
From January 9, to December 15, 2022

The artist Gaëlle Choisne introduces the living in the rooms of the museum: she welcomes the body of visitors as the very subject of the project and implements the principle of hospitality so precious at MAC VAL, in order to consider it and take it from there. care.
Invited to invest the spaces of the museum, Gaëlle Choisne proposes a total project which takes place in her exploration of Fragments of a loving discourse by Roland Barthes, entitled "Temple of Love", an achievement implemented for several years in different places.

This new occurrence at MAC VAL, Atopos, takes place at the heart of the exhibition space of the "À mains nues" collection, alongside the other works. Through movable and sculptural devices, it offers forms of reception for the public, inviting them to participate and listen to artistic interventions programmed by the artist: philosopher, artist, musician, anthropologist, masseur ... around twenty interventions will take place in these installations which can be activated for one year.

Gaëlle Choisne accompanies the works of the collection through life, through what is the very essence of humanity: philosophy, thought, contact, the thirst for becoming, germination, life.
Here again his project is placed under the sign of love and relationships with others, an experience of living love as a political, social and united response. An ecosystem at the service of the living.

Exposition de la collection 2022-2023 : « À mains nues »
À partir du 9 janvier 2022